Dimas Aulia


I'm Dimas Aulia

Short introduction: i'm a Full stack web developer and IoT developer!

Dive into my tech adventures! 🛸 Grab my 📰 CV or 🖌️ portfolio, and let's embark on a journey through codes, and innovation!

More extended introduction 🚀: I'm a fresh graduate from Politeknik Negeri Jakarta, majoring in Computer and Informatics Engineering. I come armed with a diverse skill set that covers an array of tech domains. From crafting full-stack apps with different tech stacks to engineering IoT devices, I thrive on tech challenges.

💡💻 But there's more in my tech toolkit - I'm well-versed in networking intricacies, knowledgeable in system security, and also in the field of mobile app development. 🌐🔐📱 So, whether it's coding, connecting, or securing, I'm your tech-savvy ally. Let's dive into the digital realm together!

Work Experience

PT. ILCS Product Developer 2024-Now PT. Total Lintas Tranformasi IoT & Full Stack Enginner 2023-2024 Politeknik Negeri Jakarta Research Assistant 2021-2023 PT. Konekthing Benda Pintar Fullstack & IoT Dev 2022-2023


Mining & Fleet Management System IoT & Full Stack Enginner 2023-Now Smart Room Fullstack & IoT Dev 2022-2023 Smart Terrarium Frontend Developer 2023 Smart Medicine Fullstack & IoT Dev 2023 Body Monitoring System Beckend Developer 2023 Locker Management System Fullstack & IoT Dev 2023 Inventory Management System Backend & IoT Dev 2023 Bus Tracking System Backend & IoT Dev 2023 Second Hand Marketplace Backend Dev 2022 Smart Irrigation Fullstack & IoT Dev 2021-2022 SDN Bronggang Baru Fullstack Web Dev 2021 Computer Student Club Web Fullstack Web Dev 2021 Find more project on my github ↗️

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